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One of the largest vocational college application platform and employment service platform in Canada

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Why Choose Us?

We'll find you a program that fits YOU! Our professional career planning service is tailored to your skills, background, and personality so you can find the career most uniquely suitable for you! With in-depth knowledge of the job market, our insights about your future is always up to date.

All of our consulting and guidance services are 100% free! We offer guidance along your journey such as college application, resume modification, interview coaching, and career counselling. We also provide information for new immigrants looking for employment in Canada.

We will connect you to over 100 majors and a wide range of campuses for you to choose from, with internal job referrals* (*members only!).


Are You Eligible for the $33,000 Education Subsidy?

Unemployed? Low-income? Don't have the qualifications for a job? There are many ways to upgrade your career:

You may be eligible for a subsidized college diploma. Bring your questions and doubts to us, we are here to help navigate your career!

Do I have the qualification to obtain a college diploma with government funding?

What career suits me?

Which school and major should I choose?

How can I find a job after graduation?

Please reach out! 416-900-2447


Group of business people discussing work in conference room. Senior business manager guiding employees in meeting. Group of businessman and businesswoman working together while sharing new strategy.
Portrait of happy young nurse in uniform with healthcare team in background. Successful team of doctor and nurses smiling. Beautiful and satisfied healthcare worker in private clinic looking at camera
Healthcare & Medicine
An Asian female lawyer is at her law firm, she is a lawyer advising on various litigation cases. To clients who are in trouble in the legal way. Concept of female lawyer and justice of the law.
Portrait of diverse creative team looking at camera with cheerful smiles while posing in office, wheelchair user inclusion
Logistics & Operations
4 Workers in Construction Site, Industrial Building Construction Site. Real Estate Project with Civil Engineer of Workers Steel roof structure under construction.
Portrait of diverse creative team looking at camera with cheerful smiles while posing in office, wheelchair user inclusion
Information Technology

Thinking of college or switching careers?

Talk to us first!

Realize your potential

Founded in 2007, Pioneer Consulting is a non-profit organization based in Ontario. Our mission is to help Canadian immigrants recognize their potential for great work and find their professional vocation through tailored career counselling. Whether you've been in Canada for 1 year or 10, we believe that everyone has unique skills that can be realized through the right education and employment. All of our services are FREE, and we find ways to subsidize your education if you are eligible.

We have served nearly 10,000 immigrants over the past 10 years in finding their vocation and starting a great life in Toronto! We aim to help all immigrants integrate into Canada by laying strong foundations in their professional journey.

Comprehensive insights on Canadian employment give you an advantage in your professional journey.
We bridge students and colleges – let us streamline your education!
Our extensive employer resources and network enable graduates to find work easily after college.
Over the years, we have helped nearly 1000 students unlock government-funded education with fully covered living expenses!

Our one-stop worry-free professional consultation and employment service allows you to achieve your dream job in just one year!