Banking and Financial Services

The Diploma in Banking and Financial Services prepares students for customer service and sales in banking and other financial services industries. In the course, students will learn professional knowledge of banking and other financial industries, including banking fundamentals, foreign exchange, consumer and mortgage loans and investment, basic knowledge of financial planning, customer relationship maintenance, negotiation skills, marketing, customer information privacy protection, anti money laundering/anti-terrorism financing, FCAC, CDI, and various types of financial product information. In addition, the course has not laid a solid foundation for students' long-term employment skills in the future. The technical and management skills provided in this course can not only be applied to banking institutions and credit companies, but also transferred to any position that requires communication skills and interaction with customers and clients. Graduates have the ability to introduce financial products and services to customers and engage in financial planning and consulting. At the same time, they have sufficient ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment, so as to stand out in the banking and financial professional fields. Through this program, graduates will be qualified to take the certificate examinations of CSC (Canadian Securities Course) and LLQP (Life License Qualification Program).


G-Suite Digital Tools G-Suite

Sales and Service

The Canadian Financial Sector

Consumer Credit

Business Math Fundamentals

Canadian Securities Course I

Canadian Securities Course

Life License Qualification Program

Financial Planning Fundamentals

Behavioural Finance

Financial Planning for Business Owners

Estate Planning

Financial Planning Software Tools

Career Development

Job opportunities: Financial service office staff/private bank manager/financial sales representative/mutual fund assistant/processor/credit officer/financial adviser/registered investment representative/securities trader

Length:52 Weeks

Average base salary: $69,372/ year

(indeed, October 2022)


Project Management is a function of business that is growing in relevance, recognition and scope. Our Project Administration program is positioned as an entry-level opportunity to this profession and will allow our students a competitive advantage in this untapped market segment. Our program provides the basic foundation towards industry certification through the Project Management Institute (PMI), specifically the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) designation. This certification will give students opportunities for career growth and advancement.


•Assisting and supporting all activities related to managing projects, including preparation for meetings, project documentation, and monitoring project timelines and deliverables on behalf of the Project Manager, as well as assisting in creating work plans, schedules and meeting agendas

•Coordinating and monitoring project scheduling while updating the project management system

•Maintain documentation including any upgrades to plans, schedules, funding and status reports

•Prepare status reports in order to provide project status updates to management and ensure all procedures are followed for all aspects of projects

•Use project management and other software and applicable templates to prepare documentation, track and monitor information, and maintain databases

•Develop customized project tools e.g., create templates for collecting/reporting information, etc.

•Assist in forecasting, tracking and managing project budgets, purchase orders and invoices


To be successful as a Project Administrator, individuals must possess the ability to: 

•Learn new skills and knowledge


•Use effective problem solving and decision-making skills

•Efficiently manage time and stress

•Work collaboratively and effectively as part of a team

•Recognize dynamics and politics of an organization

•Be self-motivated, energetic, confident, and creative

•Enjoy working with people

•Use good listening skills and be tactful

•Communicate verbally and in writing with people from all walks of life

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES:Administrative Officer/Administrative Services Coordinator/Business Services Officer/Implementation Officer/Office Coordinator Planning Officer/Public Trustee

Duration:43 Weeks

Average base salary:$21.00/ hour

(Indeed, October 2022


According to the Canadian Conference Committee, new opportunities for digital marketing (Internet, mobile, etc.) are expected to become the main driving force for job growth and marketing spending in the next five years. The Commission estimates that there are currently nearly 1.1 million marketing related jobs in Canada, accounting for 6.3 per cent of the total employment in the country. The Diploma in Marketing and Digital Media offers dynamic courses taught by industry experts and professionals in marketing, graphic design, advertising and digital marketing. Students will learn about improving marketing skills, graphic and creative design expertise, corporate social media marketing, blog management, creating marketing materials, improving portfolios and other expertise. At the same time, students can work with lecturers and tutors to gain practical operating experience and ultimately succeed in dynamic design, digital media and marketing.


Digital Imaging with Photoshop

Digital Imaging with Illustrator

Desktop Publishing with InDesign

Programing with XHTML w/CSS

Web Design

Programing with Java Script Fundamentals

Flash Animation with Action Script

Scripting and creating a storyboard

Digital audio editing

Digital Video Editing

E-Commerce Fundamentals

Introduction to PHP / MySQL with Apache


Marketing Tools

Management and Leadership

Designing a Web Based Portfolio

Job opportunities:Engaged in digital marketing, graphic design, digital media publishing, website development, advertising, sales or we media production.

Length:52 Weeks

Average base salary: $53,025/ year

(indeed, October 2022)


The program provides accelerated training to ensure that graduates have the skills they need to succeed in this field. Getting a business diploma is one of the best decisions because there are many possibilities after graduation. Students will receive vocational training on the latest application software, without additional book fees, plus an 8-week internship!


Official Microsoft Office Accounting & Applications

Official Microsoft Office Advanced Application

Advanced Accounting and Application

Human Resources and Business

​Marketing and Canadian Business

Job opportunities: Administrative Assistant / Bookkeeper Accounting and Payroll Administrator / Office Manager / Executive Office Assistant / Business Applications Specialist Marketing Assistant / Human Resources Assistant

Length:52week+8weeks internship,total: 60 weeks

Average base salary: $59,613/year


The major of e-commerce management provides students with course training that combines traditional business skills with current digital media and technology training, so as to help students succeed in the current competitive global business.


Office Skills

Business Accounting

Marketing with Digital Media

Business Management

Business Law

Human Resources

Job opportunities:e-commerce manager/ product manager / online distribution manager / internet marketer / web developer / online support

Length:56 weeks

Average base salary:$59,613/ year

(indeed, October 2022)

Customs Declarer

If you want to engage in professional customs declaration business or open customs brokers in Canada, you must first obtain the professional qualification certificate of "Customs Broker" issued by the General Administration of Customs of Canada. The certificate is managed by the national unified examination system and mainly assesses the basic knowledge and skills necessary for candidates to engage in customs declaration business. The person obtaining the certificate must be proficient in customs declaration expertise, skills, relevant laws and regulations, and the articles of association of the General Administration of Customs. After passing the examination, you can apply to the customs for a customs broker's business license.

The former is a national examination, while the latter is only an association training qualification certificate. Those who have passed the national examination may apply to be customs declarants; Those who have passed the qualification certificate can only serve as assistant customs declarers or engage in other administrative work related to customs declaration (such as Data Entry) In Canada, only customs brokers are qualified to analyze and identify the customs and customs laws and regulations applicable to the goods for customers to explain, provide customers with services such as handling import licenses, and sign for customs declaration as professional agents. Customs declarant is a relatively stable and well paid profession. The majority of non English immigrants need to make some efforts to obtain this kind of certificate, because they need to memorize a large number of English professional words to obtain the qualification certificate of customs declarant. For those who have a certain foreign trade foundation, it will be easier to understand the relevant customs laws.

Average base salary:$18.85/ hour

(indeed, October 2022)


The Conference and Event Planner diploma. prepares students for a career in the fast-paced and exciting world of conference and event management. It’s a flourishing industry, and there is a steady need for qualified persons to plan and execute successful events. The wide variety of workplace options makes Conference and Event Planning a very popular career option.


One of the most appealing aspects of a career in Conference and Event Planning is the diversity of responsibilities and the opportunity to flex the creative muscles. 

Planners meet with trade and professional associations to promote and discuss conference, convention and trade show services. They may also meet with sponsors to discuss the possibility of backing an event, or sit down with organizing committees to plan the scope, format and theme of an event. Planners need to set a budget to cover the expenses related to an event they are organizing. This can include such things as transportation and accommodations for guests, renting facilities for the event, catering, displays, printing of promotional items, audio-visual personnel and rentals and more.

Planners must then monitor expenses carefully to stay within that budget. Planners must remain in contact with their clients to update them on the progress of the planning, having event-related expenses and products approved, and so much more. Planners also market and promote events, negotiate contracts for services, maintain financial records, send invoices and manage payments. It’s a demanding and fast-paced career.


The Conference and Event Planners must possess a number of important skills and personal attributes, including:

Stress management is crucia

Superior management, organizational and marketing skills

Superior problem-solving and decision-making skills

Excellent problem-solving skills

A good grasp of commonly-used software, Internet and e-mail programs

Good interpersonal and negotiating skills

Diplomacy, flexibility and patience

An understanding of social media (Facebook, Twitter) is a bonus

Ability to take charge and yet still work within a team

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES: Self-employment in conference or event planning / Tourism and trade industries / Convention and conference centres / Professional associations / Event-planning companies / Trade associations

Length: 50 weeks

Average base salary:$21.35/ hour

(Indeed, October 2022)


This major cultivates senior professionals with professional knowledge of tourism management who can engage in tourism management in tourism administration departments, tourism enterprises and institutions at all levels. Students of this major mainly study the basic theories and knowledge of tourism management, receive basic training in tourism management, and have the basic ability to analyze and solve problems. Graduates acquire the following knowledge and abilities:

1. Master the basic theories and knowledge of tourism management discipline;

2. Have the basic ability to use tourism management theory to analyze and solve problems;

3. Be familiar with Canadian guidelines, policies and regulations on tourism development;

4. Understand the development trend of tourism


Travel Fundamentals


Selling Cruise

Travel Components

Tariffs and Ticketing

Travel Agency Operations

Computer Fundamentals with Keyboarding


Professional Skills

Career and Employment Strategies

Job opportunities: tour escort; Travel consultant/agent; Tourism Marketing Manager; Meeting/special event coordinator; Travel Agency/Booker; Hotel Front Desk Assistant; Cruise/resort activity director; Visitor information consultant; Airport concierge service; Passenger service agent.

Length: 32 weeks

Average base salary:$41,094/ year

(Indeed, October 2022)


The hotel industry is one of the most prestigious gold collar industries. Canada's increasingly open door also determines the development of this industry in Canada. Students are required to master the theory, basic knowledge of hotels, catering and tourism, and have basic hotel management and service capabilities. After graduation, students mainly go to hotels, hotels and guesthouses to engage in the basic management of hotels, catering and room service. Graduates may obtain the following certification.

1. The American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute

2. SMARTSERVE- Restaurant Association Program


Front Office Management

Housekeeping Management

Food and Beverage Management

Convention Management and Service

Computer Fundamentals with Keyboarding

Hospitality Computer Applications

Student Success Strategies

Job Opportunities: employed in hotels, motels, resorts, student dormitories and other accommodation facilities, or may be self-employed.

Length: 25 weeks

Average base salary: $22.63/ hour

(indeed, October 2022)


The Marketing Coordinator Diploma prepares students for entry-level marketing support positions, and gives them the skills they need to eventually progress into management-level careers, if they desire. Students are introduced to marketing knowledge and processes and are given the practical tools that will assist them in the marketing industry. A Marketing Coordinator diploma offers only the most up-to-date course content and focuses on the most relevant aspects of marketing support and administration. Students will develop their proficiency in Microsoft Office Applications and graphics as well.


Marketing Coordinators perform a variety of marketing support and administrative duties related to their position in the marketing industry. Their responsibilities may include: Assisting Marketing Managers to coordinate a range of integrated marketing and communication activities. Relationship-building with other team members, colleagues and marketing contacts. Creating, producing and executing the publishing of materials, such as proposals, rate cards, brochures, newsletters and more. Handling a variety of details involving direct mail, outbound calls, mass email broadcast campaigns, marketing events and trade shows, public relations, promotions, customer communications, media advertisements, and other marketing tactics. Tracking campaigns, preparing post-campaign performance reports and making recommendations for improvement in future campaigns.


A Marketing Coordinator’s position requires certain general skills and attributes outside of those acquired with your Academy of Learning diploma. Some of the personal attributes that potential employers look for include:

Superior organizational and time-management skills

Results-oriented and able to meet deadlines

Critical thinking, decision making and problem solving skills

Excellent problem-solving skills

Results oriented with an ability to achieve the target within given time

Strong communication skills, both verbal and written

Good negotiating and conflict resolution skills

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES: Direct Marketing Coordinator / Marketing & Events Coordinator / Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Duration: 43 Weeks

Average base salary:$47,931/ year

(Indeed, October 2022)


As a Business Manager, you provide support to chief executive officers and management teams. You coordinate business administration procedures, perform business needs analysis, identify business opportunities and prepare business plans. Your role may include implementing efficient working processes, schedules and procedures, as well as analyzing production or other costs to create the most cost-effective business strategy. Your responsibilities range from administering, directing and coordinating day-to-day business operations and preparing progress reports for analysis, to project planning, management and operational activities.


Business Communications

Entrepreneur Small Business

Marketing E-Commerce

Human Resources

Bookkeeping & Accounting

Business Plans

MS Office


CAREER OPPORTUNITIES:Project Management / Retailing / Human Resource Management / Marketing / Real Estate / Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship

Length: 45 weeks

Average base salary:$76,596/ year

(Indeed, October 2022)


As an Accounting and Payroll Administrator, you will work under the general supervision of accountants in accordance with established procedures, regulatory requirements and corporate policies. You will conduct day-to-day operations such as:

• Processing account receivables and payables;

• Customer invoicing;

• Account reconciliation;

• Coordinating and delegating office tasks;

• Preparing operating budgets.

You will work with manual and computerized accounting payroll systems.


• Essential Skills and MS Windows

• MS Word

• MS Excel-I

• MS Excel-Il

• MS PowerPoint

• MS Access

• Outlook and Email

• Sage 50

• QuickBooks

• Sage 300

• Bookkeeping and Accounting

• Payroll Compliance

• Payroll - Level I

• Payroll - Level II

• Financial Analysis and Control

JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Accounting Clerk / Payroll Administrator / Budget and Costing Clerk /Administrative Assistant / Benefits Clerk / Accounts Payable/Receivable Clerk / Payroll Clerk / Bookkeeper/Office Manager . Payroll Specialist. And many more


The Canadian Payroll Association(CPA) offers the only payroll certification in Canada: Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP) Certification. Graduates of this program will become official members of the Canadian Payroll Association after obtaining 1 full year of work-related experience.

You will experience real-world training from industry specialists and utilize user-friendly learning materials.

You will join a friendly, supportive and diverse campus community - one that offers support and encouragement as you navigate your life-changing career path!

Length:36 weeks/ 52 weeks (including co-op)

Average base salary: $54,624/ year

(indeed, October 2022)


The Business Administration program will prepare you to work in various business departments within a company. You will grow your skills by completing real-life projects in customer service, sales, marketing, communication, human resources and more. You will also develop your teamwork and leadership skills by participating in group projects. With your broad understanding of business practices and knowledge, you can consider working in accounting, operations, personnel or general administration; as an executive assistant, management trainee, as a sales and marketing executive and more.


• Business Communication Skills

• Office Administration Procedure

• Business Mathematics

• Financial Accounting Fundamentals

• Project Management

• Business Law and Ethics

• Business Planning

• Sales and Marketing

• Human Resource Management

• Finance and Investments

• Economics

• Employment Success Strategies

Job opportunities: Accounting and Finance / Human Resources / Production and Operations / Customer Service / Sales and Marketing / Administration and Management / E-commerce

Length:34-44 weeks (practicum duration: 4 weeks)

Average base salary: $59,416/ year

(Indeed, October 2022)


Accounting is an economic management activity that takes currency as the main unit of measurement, aims to improve economic efficiency, uses special methods to conduct comprehensive, comprehensive, continuous and systematic accounting and supervision of the economic activities of enterprises, organs, institutions and other organizations, provides accounting information, and gradually carries out forecasting, decision-making, control and analysis with the growing development of social economy, It is an important part of economic management activities. Through the study of accounting, students can fully master the basic knowledge of traditional and computerized accounting, and learn how to apply the knowledge they have learned. In addition, students are required to master relevant computer copywriting skills and quickly become professional accountants.


Introduction to Computers

Windows Fundamentals

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

Bookkeeping and Financial Accounting

Computerized Accounting with Simply Accounting

Computerized Accounting with ACCPAC


Business Law

Effective Business Writing

Job opportunities: Accounting Assistant/ Bookkeeper / Accounting Clerk / Accounts Payable/Receivable Clerk//Payroll Clerk / Administrative Assistant

Length:7- 8 months

Average base salary : $21.89/ hour

(indeed, October 2022)


There is always a steady need for qualified persons to work as part of a company’s accounting team, which is why the Computerized Accounting diploma program continues to be so popular with students. Students will gain experience and proficiency in the computer software programs being used in today’s business world. You will learn the latest programs, including Simply Accounting, ACCPAC and QuickBooks, and augment this computer training with all the other essentials skills required in this profession.


Introduction to Computers

Windows Fundamentals

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Exce

Bookkeeping and Financial Accounting-Level I

Bookkeeping and Financial Accounting-Level II

Bookkeeping and Financial Accounting-Level III

Computerized Accounting with ACCPAC

Professional Skills

Career and Employment Strategies

Duration: 30 Weeks

Average base salary:$21.90/ hour

(Indeed, October 2022)

Business & Office Accounting Clerk

The Business & Office Accounting Clerk diploma program is designed to prepare you for a diverse and rewarding career as part of an accounting team. In just 29 weeks, the program will give you everything you need to succeed in a field where the need for qualified personnel continues to grow. The program provides students with opportunities to acquire and apply the knowledge of business accounting and office skills to meet the demands of today’s business world. You will graduate with all the training and experience needed to find lasting employment in an accounting position. Students will also perfect their skills and increase their proficiency in accounting-related software programs.


Preparing and issuing bills, invoices and other financial statements Processing, verifying and balancing financial records and business transactions

Entering data in a ledger or computerized system

Compiling budget data and documents and reconciling accounts

Calculating costs of materials, overhead and other expenses

Preparing cheques for payrolls and bills associated with the cost of running the office

Completing and submitting tax remittance forms

Providing financial and accounting reports

Job opportunities: Accounting clerk / Accounts payable clerk / Accounts receivable clerk / Audit and billing clerk / Bookkeeper / Budget and costing clerk / Deposit clerk

Duration: 29 Weeks

Average base salary:$21.89/ hour

(indeed, October 2022)