Students will gain foundational knowledge of the law, concentrating on subject areas within the paralegal’s permissible scope of practice. Students will enjoy instructor led sessions and experiential learning consisting of mock trials, court exposure, and a practicum to enhance professional skills in the field. Our instructors possess sound experience working in the legal profession and will be instrumental in your preparation for a challenging and rewarding career in this exciting field!

Throughout the Paralegal program, students will learn how to represent clients in legal matters that are within the scope of the paralegal’s permissible scope of practice in Ontario. Graduates will be become a valuable legal services representative by


Paralegal Professional Ethics

Legal Accounting Practices and Procedures

Opening and managing a Paralegal Practice

Legal Administrative and Communication Skills

Legal research and writing

Prosecution and defence of summary conviction offences and provincial offences

Small claims court procedures

Strong advocacy skills to be used before provincial courts and administrative boards and tribunals such as the Landlord and Tenant Board, Human Rights Tribunal and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board


The Law Society of Ontario recognizes the Academy of Learning’s 49-week program. Students of our diploma program will be eligible, upon successful completion of all requirements, to write the Law Society’s Paralegal licensing examination and embark on professional licensure; enabling graduates to practice as a paralegal in Ontario.

Career Options

Licensed paralegals may represent clients in areas such as summary conviction criminal offences, traffic violations, provincial and municipal offences, administrative tribunals, and the Ontario Small Claims Courts. As a paralegal, you may work as an independent provider of legal services, or in law offices or legal departments throughout the public and private sectors, government agencies, community legal clinics, and administrative tribunals.

Length:54 weeks

Average base salary:$49,991/ year

(Indeed, October 2022)


As a Law Clerk, you will play a crucial role in a law office. You are responsible for a multitude of office procedures with an emphasis on case and file management, time and financial management, client communication and recordkeeping that is in compliance with professional standards.

In a litigation office, your duties include filing documents with the courts, interviewing clients and witnesses, researching and drafting court documents as well as accompanying lawyers to meetings and court appearances.


legal Office Procedures

Legal Writing/Communications

Client Care for legal Professionals

Specialized Legal Software

Legal Accounting

Tort & Contract Law

Employment Law

Real Estate Law

Criminal Law

Family Law

Debtor-Creditor Law

Business and Corporate Law

Civil Litigation

Small Claims Court

Wills & Estates

Job opportunities: Legal Assistant / Commercial Law Clerk / Corporate Law Clerk / Litigation Law Clerk / Family Law Clerk / Criminal Law Clerk / Wills & Estates Law Clerk

Program Length: 51 weeks

Average base salary:$56,026/ year

(Indeed, 2022)

Law Enforcement / Police Foundations

The Law Enforcement / Police Foundations program is a joint initiative between the Police Learning System Advisory Committee and the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development to establish minimum entrance standards for police services in Ontario.

The Law Enforcement / Police Foundations program is designed to prepare you for your Police Academy application, or for work in the areas of Customs and Immigration, Security, Private Investigation, Court or Fraud Departments.


Introduction to Police Foundations


Hierarchy of Laws and the Canadian


Canadian Charter of Rights and

Freedoms/Law and The Criminal Code

Laws of Evidence

Elements of Offences

The Criminal Code, Federal and

Provincial Statutes

Young Offenders

Written and Verbal



Sociology and Ethics

Principles of Ethical Reasoning

Criminal Statistics and Trends

Public Administration

Acts and Regulations

Conducting an Investigation

Job opportunities: Customs and Immigrations Officer / Security Officer / Canadian Armed Forces / Private Investigation / Court Officer / Fraud Department Officer / Correctional Services

Program Length: 42 weeks

Average base salary:$62,655/ year

(Indeed, October 2022)