The focus of this program is the Sales and Distribution (SD) and the Materials Management (MM) modules. They are the fundamental parts of the enterprises’ Supply Chain processes. In addition, students will also receive instruction in the Financials (FI), Controlling (CO) and Production Planning (PP) modules in order to understand their connections with the SAP SD and SAP MM modules. As such they have a complete view of the functioning of the supply chain processes in large enterprises. Furthermore, students will be introduced to SAP s/4 Hana and SAP Fiori. At the end of the program, they will be required to complete a comprehensive project in SAP SD and SAP MM. Upon completion of this program, a student will be competent in many ERP SAP related positions in supply chain management.

Subject List:

English for Work and Business

Introduction to Supply Chain and SAP

Accounting Fundamentals

SAP Application for Sales, Procurement and Production Planning

SAP Financials and Cost Centers

SAP Materials Management I – Procure-to-Pay and Inventory

SAP Materials Management II – Advanced Configurations

Introduction to SAP Production Planning

SAP Sales and Distribution I – Order-to-Cash

SAP Sales and Distribution II – Advanced Configurations


Introduction to SAP HANA and SAP Fiori

Professional Development

SAP SCM Project

Job opportunities:Purchasing Analyst / Inventory Analyst / Sales Support Specialist / SAP Business Systems Analyst / SAP SD End User / SAP MM Super User / SAP SD/MM Functional Consultant / SAP SD/MM Support Consultant

Length:35 weeks

Average base salary:$57,225/ year

(indeed, October 2022)


This cloud computing course will bring students to three computing platforms ( AWS Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform). In addition to training on these public clouds, this cloud computing training course provides training on DevOps and AWS DevOps because it is well demanded by the cloud computing industry.

Students will benefit from real life examples and scenarios. They will also develop strong skills and expertise in cloud computing field through many mini-projects . This will give students opportunity to link their knowledge and skills to the work setting. Finally, students will be required to complete a cloud computing project. As a result, this cloud computing training program will enable the students to work in the three major cloud computing platforms. Upon successful completion of this program, the student will be awarded a postgraduate diploma and be competent in many cloud computing positions. This program is the most complete and intensive course of this kind in Greater Toronto Area.

Subject List:

English for Work and Business

Introduction to Cloud Computing and Networking

Python Programming

JavaScript and Web Programming

Linux Fundamentals and Shell Scripting

AWS Solutions Architecture

AWS Cloud Applications Development


AWS DevOps

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Microsoft Azure Solutions

Cloud Computing Project

Professional Development

Job opportunities:Solution Engineer (Cloud Infrastructure) / Cloud Applications Architect / Cloud DevOps Engineer / AWS Cloud Architect / Cloud Engineer / Cloud Software Developer / Azure /GCP Cloud Support Engineer / Cloud Automation Engineer / Cloud Operations Engineer

Length:34 weeks

Average base salary: $103,761/ year

(Indeed, October 2022)


This program prepares you to understand the software testing concepts and allows you to familiarise yourself with software automation testing tools. The Quality Assurance (QA) training for beginners is designed and taught in an easy-to-understand manner in a real-time work scenario so that even if you do not have any prior IT experience you will be able to master the concepts which will give you an edge in building your career as a software tester.

As part of the QA program, you will be trained on various test methodologies. At the end of the training, you can prepare yourself to become a skilled and trained software professional, and you will be easily able to work with manual testing and have a strong foundation of automation test tools.

This is a fast-paced course that provides you hands-on learning in manual, API, and automation testing with more than five live projects.


Introduction to Computer: Microsoft Excel

Introduction to Internet

Methodologies/Strategies of Software Testing

Hands-on Software Testing

Automated Testing Tools QTP

Performance Testing in LoadRunner

SQL Database Testing

Job Search and Career Development

Work Placement

Job opportunities:Application tester, application test technician, software tester, software test coordinator, system tester, software test technician, system test technician, test coordination analyst, user acceptance tester, etc.

Length: 38 weeks(Including 15 weeks of practice)

Average base salary:$24.26/ hour

(Indeed, October 2022)


Web designers refer to web designers who are proficient in Photoshop, Corldraw, Frontpage, Dreamweaver and other web design tools. Web designers can apply the aesthetic views in graphic design to website design (the difference is that the production of dynamic web pages is not achieved by graphic design, it is an extension of aesthetic methods). Web pages, such as facades, can range from personal homepage to large companies, large government departments and international organizations. When you click the website, the first thing you will see is the interface design of the website, such as the introduction of content, the placement of buttons, the combination of words, the application of colors, the guidance of use, etc. All these are the scope of web design and the work of web designers.


Business Office Skills—MS Office

Digital Media Publishing

Digital Imaging with Illustrator Photoshop Techniques

Dreamweaver MX Basic Concepts HTML and CSS Essentials

Flash Animation with ActionScript

Web Publishing & Design with Dreamweaver Internet Security

Job opportunities:Computer software development companies, information technology consulting companies, private and public sector information technology departments, advertising companies or they may be self-employed.

Length:34 weeks

Average base salary: $51,233/ Year

(Indeed, October 2022)


This Data Science training program provides students with knowledge of data analytics and statistics and the skills as a data analyst /data scientist. In other words, they will learn the in-depth statistics knowledge and how to use SQL, VBA Programming, SAS, R and Python in data science/data analysis projects. This data science program also covers data mining and advanced statistical modeling, big data analytics and machine learning. In addition, students will learn how to organize and display data analytics insights using Tableau. The mini projects and the final project in this data analysis course offers students a great opportunity to apply their statistical knowledge and data analysis skills to resolve practical problems.


Introduction to Data Science

English for Work and Business

Microsoft Excel and VBA Programming

SQL Programming

R for Data Analytics

Fundamentals of SAS Programming

Advanced SAS Programming

Fundamentals of Data Analytics and Statistics

Python for Data Analytics

Data Mining- Advanced Statistical Modeling

Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics

Tableau for Data Analytics

Business Analytics

Data Science Projects

Professional Development

Job opportunities: Data Scientist / Data Analyst / Credit Risk Analyst / Business Analyst / Campaign Analyst / Customer Segmentation Analyst / Pharmaceutical Data Analyst / Public Health Data Analyst

Length:35 weeks

Average base salary:$61,935/year

(Indeed, October 2022)


This Network and Cloud Administration program is designed to train students with ability to assemble computers, install, configure & maintain computer-networking systems. They will learn how to design and configure network cloud solutions. This program covers a variety of network technology, including Microsoft technology, Linux Technology, CISCO Router technology, Microsoft Azure Cloud Solution, Google Cloud and AWS Cloud Solution. Graduates of this program would be able to work as a network administrator, system administrator, network technician, network specialist and cloud computing specialist, etc.

Total Hours: 1031


1. OSSD or equivalent or passing an entrance test and

2. Passing an admission interview
















CAREER OPPORTUNITIES: Network Administrators / Network Specialists / Network Cloud Consultant / Information Security Specialist / Infrastructure Analyst / Network Designers / Network Supervisors / Network Analyst / Network Consultants / Database Administrator / System Administrator / Technical Support / Help Desk

Length:47 weeks

Average base salary:$68,958 / year

(Indeed, October 2022)


The project aims to develop students' skills in installing, configuring and maintaining ERP systems, focusing on SAP FI/CO in an enterprise environment. SAP is a powerful ERP solution, widely used by many large and medium-sized organizations. SAP FI/CO is the most important module in SAP system. This ERP SAP accounting system plan provides complete SAP FI/CO training. Students will learn how to use, configure, and maintain SAP accounting systems. The plan focuses on SAP system - accounting module of FI/CO. The SAP training course covers almost all accounting modules from general ledger to profitability analysis. In addition, students will learn how to communicate between SAP FI/CO, SAP SD and MM modules. In order to develop their practical skills through SAP FI/CO, students need to complete many small projects and comprehensive SAP FI/CO projects. Upon successful completion of the SAP FI/CO training program, graduates will receive a diploma, prepare for the SAP FI/CO certificate examination, and be qualified for many SAP FI/CO positions The program aims to develop students' skills in installing, configuring and maintaining ERP systems, focusing on SAP FI/CO in an enterprise environment.


ntroduction to ERP – SAP  ERP

General Ledger – SAP FI-GL

Accounts Payable – SAP FI-AP

Accounts Receivable – SAP FI-AR

Asset Accounting – SAP FI-AA

Cost Center Accounting – SAP CO-CCA

Cost Element Accounting – SAP CO-CEA-OPA

Profit Center Accounting and Profitability Analysis – SAP CO-PCA and PA

Sales and Distribution – SAP SD

Material Management- SAP MM-IV

Project System – SAP PS

ERP Project – SAP Project

Professional Development

Job opportunities:Project financial analyst; Accounting analysis expert; Senior accountant; Business analyst; FI functional consultant; Business system analyst; Information Systems Analyst.

Length: 34 weeks

Average base salary:$68,662/ year

(Indeed, October 2022)


According to the Canadian Conference Committee, new opportunities for digital marketing (Internet, mobile, etc.) are expected to become the main driving force for job growth and marketing spending in the next five years. The Commission estimates that there are currently nearly 1.1 million marketing related jobs in Canada, accounting for 6.3 per cent of the total employment in the country. The Diploma in Marketing and Digital Media offers dynamic courses taught by industry experts and professionals in marketing, graphic design, advertising and digital marketing. Students will learn about improving marketing skills, graphic and creative design expertise, corporate social media marketing, blog management, creating marketing materials, improving portfolios and other expertise. At the same time, students can work with lecturers and tutors to gain practical operating experience and ultimately succeed in dynamic design, digital media and marketing.


Digital Imaging with Photoshop Photoshop

Digital Imaging with Illustrator Illustrator

Desktop Publishing with InDesign InDesign

Programing with XHTML w/CSS CSS/XHTML

Web Design

Programing with Java Script FundamentalsJava

Flash Animation with Action Script Flash

Scripting and creating a storyboard

Digital audio editing

Digital Video Editing

E-Commerce Fundamentals

Introduction to PHP / MySQL with Apache


Marketing Tools

Management and Leadership

Designing a Web Based Portfolio Web

Job opportunities:Engaged in digital marketing, graphic design, digital media publishing, website development, advertising, sales or we media production.

Length:52 weeks

Average base salary:$52,820/year

(Indeed, October 2022)


The Advanced Diploma in Cisco and Red Hat Engineering prepares you with the knowledge and training to confidently pursue a number of certifications recognized within the job market, including: Cisco (CCNA and CCNP), Microsoft (Windows Server) and Red Hat (RHCSA and RHCE). This program starts you on the path to a successful career in information technology by giving you a foundational understanding of the creation, operation, and maintenance of networks.


Installing and configuring Windows Server

Personal development and effective communication

Red Hat Certified System Administration essentials

RHCSA - Red Hat System Administrator

RHCE - Red Hat Certified Engineer

Cisco Certified Network Associate

Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)- Encor


ITIL - Information Technology Infrastructure Library

Virtualization and cloud computing

Job opportunities: Network Administrator for Windows or Linux / Network Routing Specialist / Network Technician / Computer Technician / Technical software maintenance for computer networks / User support and computer maintenance technician

Length:41 weeks

Average base salary: $63,595

(Indeed, October 2022)

Computer Network & Cyber Security Engineer (CNCSE)

Computer Network and Cyber Security Engineer practicum diploma program is designed to teach you to understand and identify risks and make computing and networking systems secure.


Administering Windows Server

Mobile Application Security

Business Communications

Cloud Infrastructure

Ethical Hacking

CCNA Security

Comptia A+



Comptia Network+

Cisco Network Administration CCNA



Career Opportunities:Information Security Analyst / Chief Information Security Officer / Cryptographer / Forensics Expert / Security Administrator / Security Architect / Lead Software Security Engineer / Penetration Tester / Network Administration / Technical Support / Help Desk Technician / Network Operator

Duration: 68 Weeks/ 1400 Hours

Average base salary: $25.7/ hour

(Indeed, October 2022)


Academy of Learning Computer Service Technician certificate that prepares students to deal with the problems they may encounter when servicing personal computers. Students will acquire in-depth knowledge of computer hardware and earn hands-on experience in troubleshooting computer problems.

At the end of the program, students will be able to assemble a computer, diagnose problems and apply their newfound knowledge to solving the many different computer-related issues that will arise during their workday. The program also prepares students for the CompTIA A+ Certification with IT Technical Designation exams.


Inspect and connect new equipment

Install, configure and update operating systems and application software

Install and configure security software such as firewalls and anti-virus tools

Install, configure and troubleshoot Internet connections

Connect computers to wired and wireless local area networks

Test new systems to ensure that they are in working order

Respond to customer complaints and provide technical advice

Diagnose and troubleshoot hardware and related software problems


Computer service technicians have a variety of duties and responsibilities that may vary from position to position. In general, computer service technicians:

Inspect and connect new equipment

Install, configure and update operating systems and application software

Install and configure security software such as firewalls and anti-virus tools

Install, configure and troubleshoot Internet connections

Connect computers to wired and wireless local area networks

Test new systems to ensure that they are in working order

Respond to customer complaints and provide technical advice

Diagnose and troubleshoot hardware and related software problems

Install circuit boards and peripherals such as printers

Keep records of maintenance work and repairs

Analyze customer equipment performance records.

And more!

At Academy of Learning College Bay & Queen Campus, you’ll be job-ready in only 36 weeks. With the most relevant and up-to-date course content and a practicum that gives you hands-on work experience, you can jump into a new career with total confidence!


Some of the personal attributes that potential employers look for in a Computer service technician include:

Good communication and interpersonal skills

Patience in difficult situations

An aptitude for, and interest in math, science and computers

Excellent problem-solving skills

The ability to work well alone as well as with others

Why not contact us for more information and we’ll show you how quickly a rewarding career as a computer service technician could be yours!

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES: Retail trade / Wholesale trade / Professional and technical services / Management, administrative and other services / Manufacturing / Self-employment

Duration: 36 Weeks

Average base salary:$22.89/ hour

(indeed, 2022)


The Enterprise Network Engineering Diploma program is designed to create an efficient and expandable installation, network maintenance and management as well as implementation, and operating computer services are rapidly growing areas in the information technology industry. The Network Engineering Diploma program will help students develop the network administration and computer support skills required to meet employer’s needs in these areas.


Installing & Configuring Windows Server

Administering Windows Server

Configuring Advanced Windows Server Services

Implementing an Advanced Server infrastructure

Red Hat Linux Essentials

Computer Hardware & Operating System Essentials

Designing & Implementing a Server Infrastructure

IT Security, safety and environmental issues

Installing & Configuring Windows Server- completion

Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 & 2

Employment opportunities: Network Administrator / Technical Support / Help Desk Technician / Network Technician / Network Operator / Network Support Technician

Duration:50 Weeks/1250 Hours

Average base salary:$81,717/ year

(Indeed, October 2022)


Object Oriented Concepts & Programming Enterprise Java Development Using Java EE Database Development with SQL & PL/SQL Application Development Using ASP.Net. Net Enterprise Development & Web API Database Concepts & Architecture Application Development Using C# Programming Fundamentals


Operating Systems & Network Fundamentals

Programming Logic & Design

Programming Fundamentals

Object Oriented Concept s & Programming with C+ +

Java Programming

Enterprise Development Using Java EE an EJB

Database Concept s & Architecture

Database Development with SQL & PL/SQL

Windows Application Development Using C# (.Net)

Web Application Development using ASP.Net Core

Net Enterprise Development & Web API

Enterprise project

Employment opportunities: Application programmer / Business application programmer / Computer game developer / Computer programmer / Business (electronic business) software developer / Interactive media developer / Operating systems programmer / Scientific programmer / Software developer / Systems programmer / Web programmer / Multimedia developer

Length:50 Weeks/1250 Hours

Average base salary: $76,189/ year

(Indeed, October 2022)


The mobile software application development market is rapidly -growing. The Mobile Application Developer diploma program will teach you how to develop innovative, user-friendly apps for Google Android and Apple iOS devices. In addition to core aspects of app development, you will also learn the importance of user interface and user experience, hacking safeguards, web technologies and digital security.


Business Communications

Java Programming

Introduction to SQL

CompTIA A+

HTML5 and CSS3

C++ Programming

Android Application Development

Web Technologies for Mobile Applications

Mobile Application Development Project

IOS Development

Secure Development for Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications UX Design

Mobile Applications UI Design

Xamarin Mobile Application Development

Hacking Mobile Applications

Job Search Strategies

Career: Mobile Application Developer / Android Application Developer / iOS Application Developer / Windows Mobile App Developer / Software Engineer / Java Application Developer / Objective-C Developer

Duration: 52 Weeks / 1040 Hours

Average base salary:$85,675/ year

(Indeed, 2022)


The Network Engineering Diploma program is designed to create an efficient and expandable network. This networking program is suitable for students who want to embark on an exciting new career in establishing, operating and maintaining corporate networks and systems and pursue a career in IT.


Installing & Configuring Windows Server

Administering Windows Serve

Configuring Advanced Windows Server Services

Implementing an Advanced Server Structure

Red Hat Linux Essentials

Computer Hardware & Operating System Essentials

Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 & 2

Designing & Implementing a Server Infrastructure

IT Security, safety and environmental issues

Implementing Cisco IP Routing & Switching - CCNP

Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cis co IP Network

Linux II

Employment opportunities: Computer network technician / Data centre operator / Internet Web site technician / LAN (local area network) administrator / LAN (local area network) technician / Network administrator / Network support technician / Supervisor, computer network technician / System administrator / Web technician

Duration:35 Weeks/700 Hours

Average base salary: $81,717/ year

(Indeed, October 2022)


In the Software and Web Developer diploma program, students learn the coding languages that every web developer needs to know: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Students then broaden their skill set with a strong foundation in SQL, C#, and the .NET Framework that will lead to additional opportunities in the world of software development.

Throughout the program, students gain hands-on experience with a range of software development projects that build in complexity as students add programming skills and languages to their toolkit.

Graduates of the program will be able to:

Design the appearance and layout of websites

Develop cross-browser and cross-platform websites

Create and optimize content for websites using graphics, databases, animations, and other software

Translate wire frames and storyboards into functional, responsive websites

Work with MySQL databases and SQL scripting

Use the .NET Framework to create robust web applications

Career Opportunities: Graduates of the program may pursue a variety of positions in software development, including web developer, UI/UX developer, front end web developer, software developer, HTML / CSS developer, and Javascript / jQuery developer.

Duration: 49 Weeks

Average base salary: $69,300/ year

(Indeed, October 2022)


The Web Designer diploma program that provides students with the skills and knowledge required to create graphics and Flash animations for the Web. Students also learn to plan and design compelling interactive Web sites, using such programs as Macromedia, Notepad, HTML and/or JavaScript programming. Students also gain skills and experience in using such crucial graphics programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Macromedia Fireworks to create, edit, and optimize graphics for the Web.


Assessing client and end user needs.

Consulting with IT professionals to determine how best to incorporate a Web site into existing frameworks.

Designing the typography, layout, look and feel of Web pages.

Designing and incorporating graphics and interactive elements.

Sourcing, selecting, and organizing information for inclusion in the Web site.

Testing Web site functionality.

Updating Web content and maintaining Web sites.

Consult with clients to develop and document web site requirements

Prepare mock-ups and storyboards

Develop web site architecture and determine hardware and software requirements

Lead or participate in multi-disciplinary teams to develope websites

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES: Web Designer / Web Site Developer / Internet Site Designer / Intranet Site Designer

Duration: 46 Weeks

Average base salary: $26.67/ hour

(Indeed, October 2022)